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Welcome to my blog! This page will give you a short introduction into the content that you can expect on this blog, as well as its main purpose. 

Stock vs Crypto Market

High frequency trading has been a part of the stock market since since the 1930s. With more complex and robust bots developed over the years algorithmic trading in the stock market has reached a cool 70-80% dominance in the US market. But this information is easily available on the web with a simple search query. 

However, when you turn your attention to the cryptocurrency market, the situation is very different. While automated trading platforms for cryptocurrencies are starting to pop-up around the Internet, there is no clear research to determine how much of the crypto-trading is done algorithmically. If history has a tendency to repeat itself, it’s safe to assert that algorithmic trading will become more prevalent in the crypto-space, and possibly even see wide adoption at some point. 

What is this blog about?

The idea behind Cryptomaton is to build and experiment with multiple cryptocurrency trading bots, in order to find a viable and scalable way of generating passing income. That’s the mission and the end-goal, and by no means a guide on how to buy a Lambo in a week!

What you can expect to find in this blog:

  • Custom coded bots and in depth-performance analysis.
  • Explanation and tutorials about how to build your own cryptocurrency trading bots.
  • Testing and result sharing in a transparent, and not sugar coated way..
  • Building and testing custom indicators.
  • Experimenting with different buy and sell signals.
  • Discussions on the best platforms to test your bot on.

What you won’t find in this blog:

  • This is not a blog about getting rich quick, it’s about learning and experimenting.
  • Recommendations on what bots to use – you will learn to build your own.

I welcome your feedback on how to improve my content, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch, or leave a comment. 

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