A brief history of Smart Contracts

When you hear Smart Contracts, you often think Ethereum or blockchain. But what if I told you that Smart Contracts have been used for over a quarter of a century? A smart contract is a software that’s enforcing the terms of a contract-like arrangement between third parties. Such an agreement reduces the need for you […]

The Kitten Roars Again – The Full Story of Keith Gill

The meme, the man, the legend Keith “The Roaring Kitty” Gill is back online and in full swing following the recent bullish movements of GameStop. After a long period of silence, Keith announced a livestream due to take place today, June 7 2024. There was no other information shared apart from what’s in the screenshot […]

There is an Active Drain Attack on Solana Right Now

There is currently widespread news of a large number of Solana wallets being drained due to unauthorized access. The alleged attack targets any wallet that may have been connected to a dApp, and according to CompendiumFi, it is recommended to disconnect your wallet from any dApp at this current time (time of writing 29/03/2024 13:18pm […]

It’s time to abstract from the complexity of blockchain | #13 POT: The Cryptocurrency Podcast with OKX

True adoption for cryptocurrency and blockchain is still pretty far away. Bitcoin as legal tender is a step in the right direction but the real adoption will take place when this ecosystem gets less confusing, and more importantly — less fragmented. The state of crypto in 2024 is that there are thousands of chains, with specific applications […]