It’s time to abstract from the complexity of blockchain | #13 POT: The Cryptocurrency Podcast with OKX

True adoption for cryptocurrency and blockchain is still pretty far away. Bitcoin as legal tender is a step in the right direction but the real adoption will take place when this ecosystem gets less confusing, and more importantly — less fragmented. The state of crypto in 2024 is that there are thousands of chains, with specific applications […]

How Interchain are Building an Internet of Blockchains

Blockchain interconnectivity is going to be a big focus in the years to come, well beyond just EVM-compatibility. I recently had a fascinating discussion on this topic with Interchain Foundations’ Managing Director Maria Gomez and Product Lead for Inter-Blockchain connectivity protocol Susannah Evans. The Interchain Foundation have been instrumental in the building and development of […]

The Crypto Travel Rule - Yet Another Restrictive, Backwards Regulation

Remember how cryptocurrency was built for cheap, fast international peer-to-peer transfers? Being able to transfer cryptocurrency across long distances quickly and cheaply is a significant use case for cryptocurrency in general, and there are projects such as Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Algo, Nano and many others that were built for this exact use case. An international […]

Is Ocean Living The Future Of Cities? | Crypto Powered Decentralized Communities

I recently had a discussion with Mitchell from Stead on my Cryptocurrency Podcast about seasteading, floating infrastructures and how their new decentralized lending platform fits into this paradigm. It was a fascinating conversation and I learned a lot about seasteading. Seasteading is a concept that involves building permanent human habitation in international waters. The idea […]