There is an Active Drain Attack on Solana Right Now

There is currently widespread news of a large number of Solana wallets being drained due to unauthorized access. The alleged attack targets any wallet that may have been connected to a dApp, and according to CompendiumFi, it is recommended to disconnect your wallet from any dApp at this current time (time of writing 29/03/2024 13:18pm […]

It’s time to abstract from the complexity of blockchain | #13 POT: The Cryptocurrency Podcast with OKX

True adoption for cryptocurrency and blockchain is still pretty far away. Bitcoin as legal tender is a step in the right direction but the real adoption will take place when this ecosystem gets less confusing, and more importantly — less fragmented. The state of crypto in 2024 is that there are thousands of chains, with specific applications […]

How Interchain are Building an Internet of Blockchains

Blockchain interconnectivity is going to be a big focus in the years to come, well beyond just EVM-compatibility. I recently had a fascinating discussion on this topic with Interchain Foundations’ Managing Director Maria Gomez and Product Lead for Inter-Blockchain connectivity protocol Susannah Evans. The Interchain Foundation have been instrumental in the building and development of […]