The Cryptocurrency Podcast Ep5: PaintSwap DAO and Estfor Kingdom with Chronic

In this week’s episode of Proof of Talk: The Cryptocurrency Podcast, I’m joined by PaintSwap DAO core member Chronic. We had a great conversation about the Fantom blockchain, the DAO itself, as well as the fully on-chain MMORPG game built by the DAO – Estfor Kingdom.

Here are some of the highlights we covered on the Podcast, and if you want to listen to the whole thing, let me drop some links for you:

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PaintSwap managed to build a great community, a decentralised NFT marketplace, as well as a fully on-chain MMORPG game – all on Fantom Blockchain – an EVM-compatible chain that is fast, secure and decentralised. In fact, PaintSwap are working directly with the Fantom foundation in order to create the best possible experience for their products.


PaintSwap’s NFT Marketplace on Fantom

PaintSwap’s NFT marketplace is a general purpose marketplace on Fantom, with a thriving community and a rich ecosystem. It’s an open, non-curated marketplace where any creator is free to list their NFTs.

Chronic emphasizes the importance of PaintSwap DAO’s commitment to openness, where even controversial or unconventional works are welcomed. The DAO’s core team handles issues that arise, ensuring the marketplace remains free and open while preventing malicious or inappropriate content from flooding the platform.

PaintSwap is the only NFT marketplace on Fantom that supports ERC-1155 standard, and that’s actually pretty wild come to think of it.

Exploring Estfor Kingdom: A New MMORPG on the Fantom Blockchain

During lockdown, the DAO spent a considerable amount of time developing a 100% blockchain based MMORPG called Estfor Kingdom. One of the things that immediately stand out are the designs for their Heroes and items, which fit in very well with the overall theme and scope of the game.

Estfor Kingdom is a vast, mysterious land, inhabited by sentient woodland beings. Within the Kingdom of Estfor there are many secrets, quests, and challenges that players can uncover. The lore of Estfor Kingdom is conveyed through a series of quests, storylines, and item descriptions.

Within the game’s lore, there may be various factions, guilds, or groups, each with its own goals, philosophies, and rivalries. Players can pick a guild and work as a team to become the best players on the leaderboard.

This is an idle-play game where players don’t have direct control over their characters’ actions but instead focus on managing their resources, optimizing their in-game time, and strategizing to achieve various objectives.

Economy and Trade within Estfor Kingdom

The in-game economy of Estfor Kingdom revolves around the BRUSH token. Brush is utilized for various in-game transactions, such as purchasing items, skills, and XP boosts. The fascinating this about a blockchain-based game is that the in-game economy uses a token which can be traded outside of the game on any DeFi platform that supports it. The game economy doesn’t use “gold” and then you use $BRUSH to acquire gold, $BRUSH is the game’s economy, which creates additional incentives for people to get good and explore all of the mechanics that the game has to offer.

Another intriguing aspect is the ability for players to trade rare items. If you happen to find a rare item within Estfor Kingdom, you have multiple options. You can sell it on the open marketplace for $BRUSH tokens (which can easily be traded for any other cryptocurrency), perform trustless peer-to-peer swaps, or even sell it directly to the in-game store. Items sold to the in-game store are destroyed to maintain a balanced in-game economy and prevent oversupply of certain items.

Alongside the core developer team at PaintSwap DAO, members of the community get to decide what direction the game is taking. Chronic emphasizes that while some decisions require the input of professionals and experts, the community’s voice is highly valued. Users of the platform have the opportunity to vote on various aspects of the game, such as skills, lore and quests. This democratic approach allows the community to have a say in the game’s development without compromising its integrity.

For more information about the game check out the Estfor Kingdom X. Go here to learn more about the PaintSwap DAO

Listen to the full podcast: 🎧 Spotify | Apple Music | YouTube


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