The most advanced crypto trading engine on the market

Thanks to your interest in the The Binance Volatility Trading Bot, myself and a handful of other talented devs are giving it a massive overhaul. From a simple open-source script to a fully functional web app. Register your interest below, and get early access to our upcoming platform.


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Detect highest gaining coins

The algorithm will detect and place trades on the highest gaining coins, attempting to catch a potential mooning.*

Unlimited Customisation

Our crypto trading algorithm allows for robust customisation to match your style. From intra-day, to weekly – you can easily automate your strategy.

Manage your risk

Stay safe in a bear market with technical analysis that stops you from buying as the market begins to decline.

Custom signalling

The trading engine allows you to create and deploy custom signals based on compounding technical analysis.

Live Simulation Mode

Test your strategy in sandbox mode to determine its profitability on the live market.

Trade any pair

You can trade with any pairing on Binance, and other exchanges in the future.

Register your interest in the Binance trading algorithm below and be among the first people to take out bot for a spin.


Seeding investment


Our cryptocurrency trading algorithm has gained the attention of several investors which we are negotiating a seeding investment round


Early Access


Everyone who has registered for open beta, will receive an e-mail confirming the Binance crypto trader is ready for open beta.

Official Release


Any bugs found in the open beta will be squshed before the new year, when the plan to have the official release.

Multi Exchange Support


We’re already looking at ways to integrate your favourite exchange on our tool, as our code-base is built with scalability in mind.

Second investment round


With a second investment secured we can look into expanding our operations and getting more people onboard.