Video overview of the Reddit sentiment Binance trading algorithm

A bit of context on this one – last month I started working on a crypto trading bot that analyses Reddit sentiment and then buys the coins that are most talked about in a positive way on a few key subreddits. The algorithm then places trades on Binance and stores the trading activity on a local file. 

I’ve been testing this tool for about a month now and I’m currently over 13% profit by letting the algorithm buy and hold the most popular coins on Reddit. 

The bot has bought over 20 coins over the period of one month and I was impressed by the overall quality of the coins bought! I made a video covering how the bot works in a little more detail, as well what the results have been so far.

For a step-by-step guide on how to implement this bot and use it yourself, either in test or live mode check out the reddit sentiment crypto trading bot guide.


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