Web3 Dumpster Diving: What are Simp and Influencer DAOs

What are Influencer DAOs?

Influencer DAOS – or called by their real name SimpDAOs are just starting to pop off as a trend. In essence they are organisations run by the most dedicated Simps of an Influencer. Running a DAO is no small feat, running it into ground however is another story. Though it appears that in the case of IreneDAO, the army of simps have actually managed to generate over $7 million in NFTs.

Many Onlyfans subscriptions don’t even hold a candle to this, so once again congratulations Internet for taking yet another growing concept (Web3) and shift its focus from balancing out corpo monopolisation of the Internet, privacy of information generally a fairer Internet and turning it into a degenerate’s fantasy addressed to people who will be more than happy to drag their private parts through 50 meters of broken glass just to hear their muse flatulate through a walkie-talkie. Tim Berners Lee has trouble sleeping at night and it’s because of Simp DAOs.

If you think this is overreacting, just watch this video on IreneDAO to get a better idea of the concept.


If you’re not familiar with the concept of DAOs yet, you can start with the previous article on what DAOs are and why you should care.

How popular are Influencer and Simp DAOs?

Thankfully, they are still new an in their infancy, which means that they have all the possibilities to fade into forgetfulness as if they never existed. Just like the Google Glass back in the day, leaving in its wake a trail of broken egos and deep mental scars – for both the simps and the models.

During my Web3 dumpster-dive. I managed find 3 Simp DAOs, though there undoubtedly are more out there.

How do Simp DAOs work?

Simp and Influencer DAOs generally tend to work by taking an Instagram / OnlyFans or other web model and placing them at the center of the DAO. In some cases, the model is the leader of their own DAO. Yes, that does defeat the purpose of having a DAO, but the whole idea is just a useless application of cryptocurrency so at this point, anything goes really.

Simp DAOs create an NFT Collection

Next, the DAO Simps will usually create an NFT collection with the help of their muse and start an auction on OpenSea. Some simps will buy their own NFTs, because pleasuring yourself to an Instagram model is not as sad as paying to do it for the NFT that you created. Of course, some simps will actually think of it as “helping the DAO”, “helping their muse” among a number of other reason for which logic has long left the party.

Governance in Simp Land

Of course, the DAO needs to govern itself – which means that everyone needs voting rights, which means the DAO needs a token. So the Simps create a governance token for the DAO and buy in. They can now vote on proposals and decide the future of the DAO. But, of course, they are addicted to the hope that maybe the Instagram model will one day notice them. So – instead of operating like a DAO, the Simps actually agree with everything the influencer says, because: well, they simp and they will simp hard to ensure that one day maybe, just maybe they will receive a DM from the model saying “Hi Ser. Wyd?”

Should you join a Simp DAO?

If you are considering it, please leave a comment down below and let me know, at which point, did this article convince you to join a SimpDAO. There are very few situations in which a Simp DAO is that missing thing that you  need in our life, and I can’t come up with any. You could join a real DAO, there are plenty of DAOs out there are are building remarkable tech stacks for web3 and you could make a real difference. 

If you’re just looking for a new way to spice up your “alone time”, you can probably find other ways what don’t involve spending 1 ETH to do it.

The Future of Simp and Influencer DAOs

Simp and Influencer DAOs are a very new idea on the blockchain, but one that seems to attract dedicated simps that are willing to build and develop the environment. This will inevitably attract more gold-digging Instagram models, looking to supplement their social media income with some crypto – and that’s understandable since they don’t really have to do anything for it. The simps run the DAO and mint the NFTs. Everything the model needs to do is exist and be alive.

So for those two reasons, my guess is that they will rise in popularity for a while, before being lost into the ether forever . Kind of like CumRocket crypto.

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