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The Binance Volatility Trading bot, or BVT Bot as the community decided to call it, is an Open Source Crypto Trading algorithm that I wrote in Python, that’s supposed to automatically trade the most volatile assets on Binance in an attempt to catch a spike before it happens.

It would scan all coins (or just the ones you choose) and enter the market once a set of user-defined parameters are met, and it also comes with risk management options. For example you could tell the bot to Buy any coin on Binance that has gained at least 3% in the last 5 minutes.

I worked on this as a side project, but it seems the crypto community over on Reddit and GitHub absolutely loved this idea with over 2.5k Upvotes on Reddit –

— and 3.1k Stars on GitHub

The bot has reportedly generated returns, provided the end-user configuration is a pertinent one. It did have one flaw. It typically required some technical knowledge in order to run.

So we started building a UI for it. But we didn’t stop there. As our application grew, along with with its infrastructure, it was clear that it was no longer just a simple trading bot that you could configure with some YAML files and a bit of Python code.

The idea was to take the core functionality of the Binance Volatility Trading bot, add more features that the community was keen to have, and package it all in an intuitive UI that offers you the flexibility to choose between quickly deploying a bot, or going really granular with the customisation.

AESIR [ ey-sir, ey-zir ] is an algorithmic Cryptocurrency trading platform that was built in order to help you automate your Crypto trading.

Unique Signals and Robust customisation

We wanted to allow people to automate their trading strategies, whatever they may be: DCA, Swing, Ride the trend, daytrading — whatever strategy you’re currently using (within reason), AESIR can automate and streamline.

AESIR will also allow you to combine multiple indicators or signals together in order to create unique signals, giving you an edge in the market.

We wanted people to have the freedom to really get creative on this one. A lot of the times, finding a good trading strategy comes down to experimentation and testing.

What if you wanted to buy any Volatile coin when MACD climbs above 0 and RSI is equal to EMA20?

How about a monthly DCA of selected coins when SMA30 and SMA20 intersect?

Not only you can do that, but you can safely test it our using paper-trading and not have to lose real money in order to find out whether this would be profitable or not.

Apply for the closed Beta!

It’s a bold project, and definitely the biggest one that I’ve ever been a part of. I’m incredibly excited for its release, the whole team has done some amazing things putting this together and we can’t wait to release it to the market.

We’ll kick it off with a Closed Beta testing where we will pick a small number of users to essentially try and break stuff on the platform.

If you’re interested in participating in the closed beta just drop your e-mail address in here and we’ll send you a Google Form to complete closed to the Closed Beta Release. Right now we’re looking at end of May!

Register your Interest in the closed beta:

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