I built an Open Source CryptocurrencyGPT Assistant

I always wanted an AI assistant that can carry out different tasks on my cryptocurrency portfolio and I’m stoked to share with you this awesome tool that I’ve built.

CryptoCurrency GPT is open source AI assistant that expands the functionality of OpenAI’s ChatGPT by incorporating additional features. At a glance, CryptocurrencyGPT can manage your portfolio by buying and selling crypto on your behalf, fetch your account information, return live market data and even plot charts for you!

Main CryptocurrencyGPT Features

Live Market Data

CryptocurrencyGPT has access to live market data. Under the hood it uses the Binance API in order to fetch live information about the current price of any cryptocurrency available on the exchange.

Not only that, but because it has access to historical candlestick data from the Binance API, you can now easily find out what the price of Bitcoin (or any other coin) was on a specific day, without having to check the charts:

Ability to browse the Internet

In addition to access to live market data, CryptocurrencyGPT is also able to browse the Internet and search for recent information that the original model is not aware of. Naturally, this can be used to return any kind of information, not only related to crypto, similar to the GPT in Bing Search.

I personally find it very useful when it comes to summarizing the most recent news in crypto, all in one place. Not to mention that I don’t to open up Edge for that.

Cryptocurrency GPT has access to the Brave Search API in order to return relevant and up to date information, instead of making stuff up.

Can buy and sell cryptocurrency for you

Using the Binance API, it can easily place buy and sell orders on your behalf.

Here’s an example of it placing a Sell market order for $20 of Bitcoin

And then buying $15 worth of Matic, one prompt later.

In addition to placing orders on our behalf, it can also summarise your recent transaction information based on an asset of your choice:

It can plot candlestick Charts

Naturally, I left the coolest bit of functionality for last. CryptocurrencyGPT uses Tradingview charts in order plot any historical cryptocurrency data on a chart. It sources its own historical data using the Binance API and then plots the chart using the TradingView Lightweight charts Library for plotting market data.

Here’s an example for MATIC

And another one for Bitcoin

How to setup and use Cryptocurrency GPT

CryptocurrencyGPT is open source and available on GitHub.

Once you cloned or downloaded the Repo, there are a few requirements you must install before you can use it:

CryptocurrencyGPT is built using an Astro project that uses node.js and npm so you’ll need to install npm if that’s not installed on your machine.

Note that in order for the Binance API to work, you need to either whitelist your IP, or disable IP restriction. Remember to also enable Spot Trading, but DO NOT enable withdrawals, for security reasons.

Note that you might want to create a brand new Binance account if you don’t want to experiment on your main account. Use my referral code to get 5% off your trading commission.

Once you have gathered all of these requirements, open the .env.example located in the root directory of the project and add the required keys in the correct variables:


Now install the project requirements using npm i.

From here, you should just be able to run npm run dev from your command prompt / terminal and you should be able to access CryptocurrencyGPT at http://localhost:3000

That’s it really! You now have your own AI cryptocurrency assistant.

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