Bitboy Arrested in Unhinged Livestream, For Showing Up And Accusing Ex Employee Of Stealing His Lambo

Live streaming while paying a visit to your ex-colleague’s house, while carrying a gun because he stole your Lambo isn’t going to win you many IQ points. In fact, you probably lost some just reading that.

What it will do though is secure your position in the crypto Hall of Shame, as one of the craziest stunts that anyone could pull. This is so crazy in fact, that Ben probably invented a new sentence.

If you’ve been in crypto for any amount of time, chances are you’ve heard of BitBoy or Ben Armstrong before, and with any luck, the mere mention of the name triggers a gag reflex. But if you don’t know who BitBoy is, fear not for I shall paint you a brief picture.

Who is Ben Armstrong / BitBoy Crypto?

Ben Armstrong rose to fame in 2018, shortly after the previous Bull market run. His previous investments were going to the moon, and crypto was on everyone’s mind. It was a wild scene where even hamsters on a wheel would be turning in profits, and people were hooked. Ben couldn’t have entered the YouTube scene at a better time, and quickly rose to fame sharing “educational content”.

Things were going ok for Ben for a while until people started looking into his affairs a bit closer. It turns out that he would casually accept paid sponsorships to favorably review projects, and even had a rate card showing how much it would cost a new crypto project to get an endorsement. He would constantly sell and promote crap to his audience, promising this coin will 100x, only for him to bag that sweet endorsement cash.

The fact is, Ben had made a career in f**king his audience over, time and time again. Other times, when he didn’t get a sponsorship deal, he would simply shill whatever s**tcoin he was holding onto at that time, only to dump on his audience later when he would inevitably use them as exit liquidity.

Naturally, you can only do this so many times, until your core audience decides that you are the scum of the earth, and so all your fans turn to haters. But the damage doesn’t stop here, with the viewers. You see, not everyone part of Bitboy Crypto company was a scammy douchebag whose only reason of getting up in the morning is to alchemy investor tears into personal gain. I’m sure that many people who worked for Ben are just regular people trying to make a living, and they had no incentive to scam, I’m pretty sure some of them didn’t like the kind of stigma they received based on the place they work at.

Can you imagine actually telling someone that you work for BitBoy? Please just shoot me in the face instead. They probably just used the parent company name “Hit Network” to hide away the shame.

What Happened to Ben Armstrong?

Hit Network, Bitboy’s parent company decided to fire Ben Armstrong due to a combination of substance abuse issues and the alleged financial and emotional harm caused to employees and others within the industry.

It’s quite possible that the people working for Bitboy had enough of all the bad rep associated with the brand due to Ben Armstrong’s shitcoin shilling, paid reviews, misinformation and more. It’s certainly not unprecedented for a company’s founder to be summarily ousted from their role inside of that company. In fact, it happens fairly regularly, but in this case it’s been long time coming.

Well, that brings us to the present.

Since his firing, Ben has been quite vocal about how it’s all just an orchestrated takeover of his company and his life, and that he’ll not let them win. He also started asking his fanbase for donations, saying that Hit Network took everything from him, including his Lambo.

This brings to the epic culmination of the BitBoy saga, and quite possibly the end of Ben Armstrong’s career as a crypto influencer. It all started when Ben decided to go and Live stream in front of his ex-employee’s house Carlos, whom he believes has stolen his Lamborghini. He wanted to have a confrontation, and he did, but Carlos did not show up. Instead Ben had a run-in with the police, who pulled up and arrested him within minutes of him arriving at Carlos’ house.

This is already cocaine levels of crazy, but it gets even more entertaining than this. BitBoy shows up in the car, with a girl that he used to cheat on his wife with and a gun. I mean, might as well just turn it up to 11 at this point. If you’re going to have a public meltdown, make it of epic proportions, and by God did Ben deliver!

This spread all over the Internet like wildfire. But check this, Ben scheduled the Live Streaming recording in advance, meaning that Carlos knew he was going to come over because he named his upcoming stream “Live-streaming From Carlos’ House (Where my Lamborghini is)”.

People started flocking to see it happening, just as you would with a burning building that’s about to collapse. It was epic, it was noisy, it was wild. It was exactly what crypto needed to get some blood pumping into those veins. And it’s exactly the kind of stunt that will be remembered in the Crypto History Books, right up there with Carlos Matos’ WASA WASA WASA WASA BECONEEEEEEEE. You know what I’m talking about.

Here is the full 37 minute Stream of Bitboy at Carlo’s House, in its final blaze of insane glory. Enjoy.


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