Proof Of Talk: The Cryptocurrency Podcast Ep 6 – Cheelee and Web3 Social Media with Viktoriia

In this week’s episode of Proof of Talk: The Cryptocurrency Podcast, I sat down with Viktoriia Miracle, the CCO of Cheelee is a shortform video sharing platform similar to TikTok – but with one important twist. Cheelee uses blockchain technology to reward users for watching content, so that all users can benefit from monetization opportunities.

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Engage to Earn Social Media

Cheelee is on a mission to revolutionize the social media landscape. Viktoriia explains that Cheelee places a strong emphasis on rewarding users for their time and engagement as she highlights the importance of valuing users’ time from a young age and teaching them that their time is valuable. In a world where most people spend a significant portion of their day scrolling through trending videos and posts, Cheelee promises a more productive alternative.

The concept of Engage to Earn in Social Media is not new, as there are several other platforms out there that use blockchain technology in order to offer users tokenized rewards in exchange for their engagement on the platform. For instance, Contentos and Odysee are both YouTube alternatives running on blockchain technology. However, Cheelee is one of the first products designed as a mobile app and specifically focused around shortform video content – making it an interesting alternative to TikTok.

With nearly a million downloads and hundreds of thousands of users, Cheelee has made remarkable progress in just five months. The platform’s growth is set to continue as it expands its presence worldwide. Victoria teases the upcoming marketing push in Kazakhstan, however the application is available worldwide on both iOS and Android.

How to Earn On Cheelee?

One of the standout features of Cheelee is its integrated NFT system. Users are rewarded with tokens for their engagement on the platform, creating an ecosystem where users can earn and benefit from their participation. In order to start earning on Cheelee users will need acquire a pair of digital glasses, in form of an NFT. You’ll get a starting pair at the beginning, but if you’re looking to improve your rewards, you’ll have to upgrade your digital glasses.

Each pair of glasses has different traits that you’ll want to upgrade, depending on your preferred style. You can upgrade your glasses with the $LEE token, which you earn by performing various actions on the Cheelee app such as watching content and following users. Cheelee recommend that you level up Lenses to maximize your earning potential.


The price of a $LEE currently sits at just over $2.63 USD and once you start earning, it’s up to you what you choose to do with this token. You can re-invest it by leveling up your glasses, withdraw or exchange for fiat, or, and this what I differentiates Cheelee from other social media apps out there – use it to boost your own content. Cheelee is currently working on an Ads Manager platform similar to Meta and Tiktok, but they will also allow users to use their earned $LEE in order to promote their content.

This offers additional value for content creators who want to make the  most of their time while using the app.

Challenges of Engage to Earn model

Naturally, all systems have their own challenges and limitations. One of the biggest vector for an exploit for Cheelee is its own monetization system. Viktoriia assured me that Cheelee is using machine learning along with other systems in order to detect and deter people wanting to exploit the engage to earn model.

Another challenge discussed on the Podcast is how potentially addictive a platform like this may be – where, not only are you encouraged to scroll to get your dopamine hit, but scrolling is now directly associated with a monetary reward. Cheelee are committed to steer the content of its platform into an educational direction and to incentivize people to create more educational content. Social media is not going anywhere, so according to Viktoriia, the solution is not to ignore social media, but to work towards making it better.

To find out more about Cheelee, or to connect with Viktoriia, please see the links below:

Get Cheelee | Connect with Viktoriia


🎧 Listen to the full podcast: Spotify | YouTube | AppleMusic

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