Because you asked for it - Crypto Trading Bot Platform Aesir Gets a Brand New UI

I’ve been working on this project for more than two years now along a small team of developers and I’m really excited to say that the last few months we’ve been focusing on creating a much better user experience and lower the technical barrier for users looking to improve their trading using a cryptocurrency trading bot.

Let me give you a tour of the New UI and show you how easy it is to build a new cryptocurrency trading bot on Aesir.

How do Algorithmic Crypto Trading Platforms Work?

Before we jump in to the actual changes, it’s important to understand what an algorithmic trading platform does, and what are the adcantages of using one. These work by allowing the user to create a series of rules, that the platform is going to evaluate and execute. For instance, these rules can be as simple as a weekly DCA:

Buy BTC, ETH, DOT and SOL EVERY 1 Week, With an Order Amount of 100 USDT

The algorithm will then take these parameters and execute trading according to it. This is just a minimal example, you can create strategies that contain complex logic based on Volatility, Technical Indicators and other market tools —

Could also do something like this.

Buy ANY COIN on THIS EXCHANGE that GAINED more than 3% in the 2 MINUTES and the RSI is under 70

It’s this example that truly describes the advantage of trading algorithm over manual trading. A daytrader would simply not be able to analyse over 1000 assets in under a second and make a decision based on this analysis. But here you would be able to catch a coin that’s just about to spike up in price, because you’re constantly evaluating the price of all coins on the exchange.

So in a nutshell, a trading algorithm extends your ability to trade by adding powerful new tools in your arsenal. It goes without saying that the way you use these tools makes a big difference.

Improved User Experience

The trading bot configuration screen has been simplified to a much better flow, where the user interface guides you through every step of the bot creation process, making it a lot easier for new as well as experienced traders to create their trading bots.

This is the orignial configuration screen:

The “General Options Layer” is a set of configuration settings that must be defined for any strategy, including our Golden Cross one. These settings include parameters like trade amount, maximum number of open orders, coins to analyze, and exit strategies such as Stop Loss and Take Profit.

The “Frequency” parameter determines how often your strategy checks for buy and sell signals. The faster the strategy, the smaller this number should be.

The “Layer Selection” screen allows you to add powerful logic that your trading bot will evaluate.

In this new update, we stripped this back and started with the basics — what kind of strategy would you like to create? DCA or Advanced?

The General Options layer has been broken down in to step by step parts that allow you to easily configure a bot. Here is where you be adding the coins you want the bot to analyse.

And this is where you would configure the rest of the General options for your bot.

Once you’ve set your desired amount per trade, timeframe and number of orders to analyze, you can continue to set your Stop Loss and Take Profit. One cool thing about Aesir is that it allows you to set a Trailing Stop Loss and Trailing Take Profit.

Next up — adding a logic layer:

This is where you select define the logic that your trading bot uses to manage your porfolio and place orders. Let’s add a Computed Indicators layer.

This module allows you to select between many Technical Indicator signals that are pre-computed by TradingView. These indicators return values such as “BUY”, “SELL” or “Neutral” instead of the actual value of the indicator, making it much easier to build a strategy around them. Simply select the indicators you want to trade based on and let Aesir do the rest.

You also need to specify you threshold. How many out of your chosen indicators need to return a “BUY” signal in order for the crypto trading bot to place a buy order.

Once you’re all done, give your strategy a name, and Save it.

Finally, if you’re into Algorithmic trading — check out algorithmic cryptocurrency trading platform Aesir! Aesir is a state-of-the-art trading platform that allows you to build complex crypto trading bots and maximise your gains.

Thank you for reading!

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