Proof Of Talk: The Cryptocurrency Podcast Ep 6 – Cheelee and Web3 Social Media with Viktoriia

In this week’s episode of Proof of Talk: The Cryptocurrency Podcast, I sat down with Viktoriia Miracle, the CCO of Cheelee is a shortform video sharing platform similar to TikTok – but with one important twist. Cheelee uses blockchain technology to reward users for watching content, so that all users can benefit from monetization opportunities. […]

The Crypto Travel Rule - Yet Another Restrictive, Backwards Regulation

Remember how cryptocurrency was built for cheap, fast international peer-to-peer transfers? Being able to transfer cryptocurrency across long distances quickly and cheaply is a significant use case for cryptocurrency in general, and there are projects such as Ripple, Stellar, Litecoin, Algo, Nano and many others that were built for this exact use case. An international […]